6 Tips for Choosing the Best Veterinarian

6 Tips for Choosing the Best Veterinarian

6 Tips for Choosing the Best Veterinarian

6 Tips for Choosing the Best Veterinarian


Choosing an ideal veterinarian for your pet is as crucial for its health as it is for yourself. The vet will be responsible for advising you on ways of keeping your pet healthy.


Get Recommendations


The first step on this journey involves asking family, friends, and other pet owners for recommendations. Avoid shying away from asking for reviews about their current vets or whom they prefer. Ask about the rates, dispositions, and offers. Getting these is the best way of shortlisting potential veterinarians. 


Check Credentials and Qualifications


Working in a vet’s office does not qualify a person to treat your pet, but credentials, qualifications, and experience matter. So before settling on a candidate, confirm if their license is valid in your state and who will be caring for your pet.


Such information is vital when the animal care facility has multiple vets. Asking these questions and getting valid answers is within your rights as a pet owner.




When choosing a vet, it is best to get the one closest to your home or place of work. Consider the time it may take to reach their facility, especially during an emergency. If there are several convenient ones, settle on the closest one with flexible options.


Species Treated


The type and breed of your pet must come into question when looking for a vet. There are veterinarian practices that may treat a wide range of species. However, more vets are settling on certain types to avoid overextending themselves. They often split into companion, equine, and farm animals.


Some may specialize in exotic practices dealing with fish, birds, and small mammals. If lucky, you may stumble upon a candidate who does both. Still, it is best to choose one with experience in dealing with your kind of animal.


Emergency or Overnight Care


Most animal health issues may occur during regular working hours—9 a.m. to 5 p.m. for most veterinary practices. However, health problems in humans and animals do not always happen within these hours. When choosing a vet, settle on one who can be available whenever your pet needs help, especially during an emergency.


Like doctors dealing with humans, vets have a legal mandate to provide emergency cover. However, this does not require them to be there personally. Anyone in their practice can cover the pet triage unit in such an event. Some veterinarians choose to be on call overnight or during their out-of-work hours. Others may have a separate practice or hire freelance vets to deal with overnight emergencies.


Additional Services


To increase customer satisfaction, some veterinarians offer extra services as part of their portfolio. These can include weight clinics and pet socialization classes. Some offer informal talks in the evening for enthusiastic animal owners.


Other vets have extra on-site services. These include hydrotherapy units or the services of a visiting groomer or acupuncturist. One of the things you should consider is trusting your gut. If a potential vet sparks bells and whistles, follow them. Choose a practice that feels right for you and your pet.


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