7 Tips to Keep Your Senior Pet Cool in the Summer Heat

7 Tips to Keep Your Senior Pet Cool in the Summer Heat

7 Tips to Keep Your Senior Pet Cool in the Summer Heat

7 Tips to Keep Your Senior Pet Cool in the Summer Heat


Most people get out of the house with their pets during summer to engage in various activities. However, heatstroke is a common issue during summer, and it can easily affect senior pets. Fortunately, you can do some things to enjoy the weather while keeping your pet safe. 


Here are tips to keep your senior pet cool in the summer heat. 


  • Plan Your Trips With Pet Comfort in Mind


Excess heat can lead to dehydration, heart conditions, poor circulation, and other issues. Keeping your pets’ temperature low is vital, especially if you have breeds like bulldogs, pugs, and Boston terriers. Hence, you must choose the times and locations for outdoor activities to enhance pet comfort. 


  • Remain Indoors During Peak Sun Hours


Take your pet out early in the morning or after sunset, not when it is too hot during the day. Mornings and late afternoons are when it is comfortable to be outdoors, and your pet is less likely to overheat. The ground is much cooler during those hours, which protects the pet’s paw pads. 


  • Walk in Areas Where There Is Shade


When taking your pet for his daily walk or run, choose areas where you can find shade, away from direct sunlight. Avoid walking your pet over asphalt, hot sand, and other surfaces that retain heat. Unprotected pads of the paws are prone to getting burned.


  • Always Provide Extra Water 


Carry plenty of extra fresh water with you every time you go out. Panting is the dog’s way of cooling down and works by evaporating fluids from the respiratory system. Replace the lost fluids to prevent dehydration by leaving plenty of water out throughout the day. You can also use water alternatives or electrolyte solutions. 


  • Do Not Leave Your Pet Alone in a Car


Leaving your pet alone in the car is dangerous, especially during summer. The temperatures in a closed vehicle can climb rapidly, and all it takes is a few minutes for the dog to succumb to heatstroke. The risk is present even on comfortable days, so to avoid potential problems, keep your senior pet at home during hot days. 


  • Creating a Breeze


Creating a breeze can help make the hot summer days bearable. Placing a window fan near the pet can help enhance comfort since the current will cool the dog through evaporation. Dogs do not sweat much, but you can stimulate evaporation using a shop or window fan. A mist sprayer with a fan attached is perfect for your senior pet. 


  • Using a Wet Blanket


Keep your senior pet cool using a wet blanket. Place the blanket or towel in the freezer and use it to cover and cool your pet. You can also use cooling body wraps, mats, or vests to help cool your pet safely. It also helps to place some ice cubes in the pet’s water and to provide icicles and popsicles. 


Avoid shaving your pet as fur insulates the dog and prevents sunburn. You can allow your pet to take a dip if you have a pool. However, be careful about lowering the body temperature too rapidly. 


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