Service Overview: Nutritional Counseling

Service Overview: Nutritional Counseling

Service Overview: Nutritional Counseling

Service Overview: Nutritional Counseling


The American College of Veterinary Nutrition states that nutritional counseling is important for keeping your pets healthy. It can help manage any illness your pet may have. Nutritional counseling can help you figure out whether commercial pet food or home-cooked pet food is good for your regular or exotic pet. Here are the details about nutrition counseling that you must consider.

What to Expect

The main goal of pet nutrition counseling is to determine the foods that are healthy for your pet. Pet parents can use this service to meet the specific dietary needs of their pets. Every species or breed is different. Factors such as energy, preference, and weight can affect what they eat.

The pet nutrition consultant will examine your pet first to rule out the presence of health problems. Then, you will tell your consultant what your pet eats. Your consultant will ask you how your pet acts before and after eating. Then, you will receive suggestions for what or how much snacks and meals your pet must have.

Why Pet Nutritional Counseling Is Necessary

Specific ailments, such as blood pressure issues, need special diets. Certain foods can help treat these health conditions. Some foods can harm your pets. Others can improve the way they perform. Your consultant can help you choose foods that will benefit your pets. These foods can help them feel good.

Nutrition for Exotic Pets

Having an exotic animal as a pet involves studying the needs of the specific pet. This should start long before getting the pet. A nutrition consultant can share valuable information about the food that your exotic pet needs. Knowing the right balance of nutrients can help you lengthen your pet’s life. Sugar gliders must have the right amounts of calcium and phosphorous to prevent bone issues.

Birds need a diet that does not have too much fat. This means that you need to feed them more than just seeds. Snakes love live mice. Lizards are fond of mealworms and crickets. Tortoises love fruits, flowers, and plants. Nutritional counseling also recommends nutritional supplements, raw foods, and prepared products.

How Nutritional Consultation Works

Nutritional consultation involves the creation of two homemade diets for pets with health concerns. You can have this type of consultation without face-to-face contact, but your vet must request the consultation first. This is when the patient’s medical history and lab test results make it necessary to create recipes.

What the Recipes Contain

Vets and consultants always try to consider your preferences as the pet parent. That is why you must tell them what your pet likes and does not like. This often results in the most delicious recipes for your pet. You can learn to exclude toxic foods from your pet’s diet.

Nutritional consultation aims to help your pet maintain or regain proper health and well-being. Visit Port Royal Veterinary Hospital in Port Royal, South Carolina. Call 843-379-7387 to schedule an appointment today.