Exotic Animal Care

Exotic Animal Care

Exotic Animal Care

Exotic Animal Care

There are lots of different animals that you can safely and legally keep as pets. While some people prefer to stick to classic pet choices – cats, dogs, rabbits, etc, others choose to become a parent to an animal that is altogether significantly more unusual. These pets tend to be referred to as ‘exotic’ since they fall outside the realm of what are considered to be the most common choices. That said, many people are surprised by the different types of creature that come under the term ‘exotic animal’.

We are pleased to be able to offer comprehensive exotic animal care for a wide range of unusual pets here at our offices in Port Royal, SC.

The exotic animals that we can care for

Our experienced and passionate veterinary team are able to see a huge range of different animals, including most varieties of an exotic pet. Some of the types of exotics that we have worked with include:

  • Amphibians
  • Birds
  • Ferrets
  • Reptiles
  • Turtle
  • Rabbit

We do not treat venomous snakes, spiders or primates.

pet ferret

Why do exotic animals require specialist care?

If you have ever tried to take your exotic pet to just any veterinarian, there is a good chance that you have been turned away. This is because a large number of veterinary professionals don’t have the education, training, and experience to be able to deliver care to an exotic pet.

One of the biggest challenges of exotic animal care is that the physiology of many of these creatures can be very different from that of a cat or dog. This means that in order to provide adequate care, veterinarians require specialist knowledge and training. Our veterinary team understand the unique requirements of each type of exotic animals and are able to make an accurate diagnosis and a treatment recommendation.

It is also important to bear in mind that the type of care different creatures can need can also vary widely, and extensive education in this is required for a professional to offer accurate advice and support. For example, reptiles need very different habitats and diets to birds. In most instances, your pet’s habitat and diet need to resemble how they would like in the wild as closely as possible. Providing the wrong advice could prove dangerous for your pet, and in some instances even be fatal. Again, our veterinarians have had extensive education and training in the requirements of exotic animals, so you can rest assures that you are receiving the best possible information and advice.

Exotic animal care is a specialist area and if you have an exotic pet, you must use a veterinarian who has sufficient training and experience in dealing with your variety of animal if he is to get the best care possible. To schedule an appointment for your exotic pet with our dedicated veterinary team, contact our veterinary hospital in Port Royal, SC today.

At Port Royal Veterinary Hospital in Port Royal, SC, our experienced doctors and staff are proud to offer complete veterinary medicine catered to the specific needs of your pet.