Puppy and Kitten Care

Puppy and Kitten Care

Puppy and Kitten Care

Puppy and Kitten Care

Many people compare raising a puppy or kitten to raising a child and with good reason. The type of care that your new furbaby needs can be very similar to that of a human child and you are entirely responsible for ensuring the safety and health of your new addition. She will have little to no concept of danger, will need medications to stop her from getting sick and a particular diet to help her grow and develop into a strong and healthy adult. You will need to teach her how to do control her bladder and bowels and where she is allowed to do her business. And just as importantly, you will need to show her how she should behave with other animals and people that she meets.

Unsurprisingly, the prospect of raising a puppy or kitten can be a little overwhelming at first. Fortunately, our experienced veterinary team is on hand to give you all of the advice and support you need as part of our comprehensive puppy and kitten care service.

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Registering your pet with us

It is important that you register your new puppy or kitten with us as soon as you can. This gives us an opportunity to create a base medical record for her that can be used to log all future visits against. We will also be able to check her over and ensure that you have received her from her breeder in good, healthy condition. During this initial registration visit, you can take the opportunity to ask the many questions we are sure you will have about your pet’s care.

Arranging her vaccination schedule

Vaccinations are an important preventative healthcare tool for any pet and routine vaccinations begin as young as 8 weeks of age. Since your pet is so small, we will have to build up her immunity to certain infectious diseases which happens by spacing her initial vaccination appointments apart. After this, she will move onto a regular vaccination schedule created specifically for her.

Exactly which vaccinations your pet will need will depend on her species, and our veterinary team will be happy to advise you which are required to keep your puppy or kitten safe from preventable illness.

Parasite prevention

In addition to routine vaccinations, we will also speak to you about the importance of parasite prevention. This involves the use of oral medications or topical treatments that are used to stop your kitty or puppy from being affected by the many parasites that pose a risk to her health. These include fleas, ticks, mites and types of worm including tapeworms, hookworms, and potentially deadly heartworms.

We will help you to find the parasite preventatives that are most suitable for your kitten or puppy. In most instances, preventatives are only effective for around 30 days before further doses are required and we will help you establish another schedule for parasite preventative treatments.

General puppy and kitten advice and support

In addition to the above ‘core’ services, our experienced veterinarians can also provide specific advice and support relating to raising a puppy or kitten, including information about:

- Spaying and neutering – something which should be carried out as soon as your infant pet is old enough.

- Microchipping your pet

- Nutritional requirements

- Puppy/kitten behavior

- Bathroom and obedience training

- Dental care including advice on how to brush your pet’s teeth.

- Grooming

- Socialization

If you have questions about any of the above services, we would be delighted to offer our assistance.

We are dedicated to providing exemplary care for all animals that visit us, including helping you to ensure that your puppy or kitten gets the best possible start in life. To find out more about our puppy and kitten care service, please get in touch with our veterinary hospital in Port Royal, SC today by calling 843-418-0100.

At Port Royal Veterinary Hospital in Port Royal, SC, our experienced doctors and staff are proud to offer complete veterinary medicine catered to the specific needs of your pet.