The Benefits of Spaying or Neutering Your Pet

The Benefits of Spaying or Neutering Your Pet

The Benefits of Spaying or Neutering Your Pet

The Benefits of Spaying or Neutering Your Pet


You can help your pet’s health by neutering or spaying them. The Animal Veterinary Medical Association says that spaying and neutering is more than stopping unwanted pregnancies. Understanding these benefits can help you make this huge decision for your pet. Here are the details that you must consider. 


It Lowers the Risk of Reproductive Health Issues


Spaying removes your pet’s risk of developing ailments, such as cancer and pyometra. Neutering removes your pet’s risk of developing testicular cancer. It also lowers the risk of prostate issues. Research shows that neutered or spayed pets live longer. 


It Prevents a New Litter After Every Heat Cycle


Eliminating unwanted animals is heartbreaking. Communities spend time and resources to remove and euthanize them. Preventing pets from breeding all the time is a priority in many communities. This prevents shelters from crowding. It removes the problem of finding good homes for them, which can be difficult in these trying times. 


It Keeps Pets in Good Behavior


When pets become sexually mature, hormones fluctuate. Research shows that their behaviors change because of their nature to protect their territory and resources. They exhibit aggression to defend their mate and young. This can result in bites and fights. Pet owners with unspayed or unneutered pets often bring them to emergency vets for deep bites and lacerations. Others have to bring neighbors to the hospital or deal with the consequence of putting their pets down because of bites. 


Neutered and spayed pets mellow down. They behave well around other pets and people. Research shows that they become more attentive during training as well. These advantages make spaying or neutering a good decision for you and those around your pet. 


It Gives Way to a More Pleasant Environment


Intact pets have regular heat cycles. This means weeks of searching for a mate. Pets would do anything to go beyond your fence to satisfy their biological need to reproduce. The urge would result in urinating and crying more often. This results in a chaotic and unsavory living environment for you and your pet. 


Neutering or spaying can keep your pet’s hormone levels stable. It can remove your pet’s restlessness, marking behavior, and aggression. Most pets will need some time to change, but it will happen. When it does, you will not need to worry about your pet getting into trouble anymore. You will also have a cleaner and more peaceful living environment. 


It Prevents Stress


Your pets experience stress when in heat and in gestation. For males, always being alert and protective often deprives them of good, restful sleep. For females, avoiding unwanted males and going through pregnancy can be exhausting as well. Neutering or spaying your pet can remove all the stresses of staying intact. 


It Helps Keep Pet Costs at a Minimum


Allowing your pet to reproduce all the time means you need to care for the younger pets if they do not get new, loving homes. This may double or even triple your vet bills. Spaying or neutering your pets can help keep your vet bills at a minimum. You can also focus your care on your grown pets until they reach their senior years. 


Spaying or neutering your pets can prevent significant problems and costs. For more on spaying or neutering your pets, visit Port Royal Veterinary Hospital in Port Royal, South Carolina. Call 843-379-7387 to schedule an appointment today.