What Animals Need an Exotic Pet Vet?

What Animals Need an Exotic Pet Vet?

What Animals Need an Exotic Pet Vet?

What Animals Need an Exotic Pet Vet?


Pets are an essential aspect of their owners’ lives. When you get one, your life changes completely as the lovely little creature grows on you and your family. They quickly become essential members of your family. As such, you will find that you are invested in their well-being and health. A critical aspect of this is getting them a good vet. Regular pets are easy to find vets for, and the medications they need are also easy to find. However, some animals are not ordinary pets and may require special care. These are regarded as exotic pets.


What Is an Exotic Pet Vet?


Theoretically, vets are licensed to treat exotic animals upon graduation. However, they are prohibited from using the term exotic specialist unless they have received extensive postgraduate study. A residency and board certification are standard postgraduate training requirements. 




Board certification in exotic animal veterinary medicine is available for birds, exotic pets, and animals. To be eligible for taking the specialization exam, you need to have publications in peer-reviewed journals on these specialized subjects.


You must pass the exam every ten years and renew your certification for this specialized degree. After graduating from veterinary school, each of these exotic animal specializations requires an additional three to six years of training.


How Do You Find an Exotic Pet Vet?


Your usual neighborhood animal hospital or vet is an excellent spot to start your search for a veterinarian for your exotic pet. Veterinarians who focus on exotic pets work in many private practices.


Call the office and see whether their experts will see your exotic pet if you already have a relationship with the practice. The experts at some larger animal hospitals have a more comprehensive range of experience related to exotic animals. Even if they cannot treat them, they can recommend a doctor's office that would.


What Animals Require an Exotic Pet Vet?


  • Small Mammals


Fortunately for owners of small mammals, more and more veterinarians feel at ease treating pocket animals. Numerous small animal clinics are equipped to handle wellness and emergency visits from small mammals. The common ones are rats, mice, guinea pigs, hamsters, rabbits, and ferrets. Even vaccinations for these animals are available in some places.


  • Birds


Birds are fascinating creatures that demand expert management, just like other exotic pets. You should ensure the veterinarian and staff have experience treating avian patients, along with equipment and exam spaces that are safe for birds. To find a bird veterinarian, use the Association of Avian Veterinarians website.


Amphibians and Reptiles


To take care of your pet frog, snake, turtle, tortoise, or lizard, locate an exotic veterinarian with experience with these animals. Herp veterinarians, as they are better known, not only have in-depth knowledge of these animals. Also, their clinics have equipment and medication specifically designed for use with reptiles and amphibians.


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