What Does Pet Grooming Include?

What Does Pet Grooming Include?

What Does Pet Grooming Include?

What Does Pet Grooming Include?


Pet grooming helps to keep your dog clean and healthy. Grooming has benefits that go beyond keeping your pet looking and smelling clean. Brushing the coat will take away damaged and old hair, allowing for a new and healthy coat.


The grooming process involves the groomer physically handling your pet in order to detect bumps, lumps, and skin irritations. If you decide to take your pet for grooming, it helps to know what the service includes.


Brushing the Coat


Brushing the animal’s coat is an important part of grooming. Professionals will use special brushes to detangle the coat. Apart from removing mats, brushing will help get rid of dead and damaged hair and make room for new ones.


The brushing will also help to distribute the natural oils, getting rid of dead skin. It also helps to remove excess grease that can block pores, causing irritation and other skin problems. Moreover, brushing helps to improve blood circulation.


Bathing the Dog


Pet grooming will include bathing the dog using the best shampoos. Professional groomers will have shampoos that are ideal for any coat. They have gentle, non-toxic products for pets that may have skin sensitivity or allergy issues.


They have special shampoos that help to get rid of pests. Dogs can become excessively muddy or even skunked, but a professional groomer will be up to the task. The groomer will perform unpleasant tasks like cleaning the anal gland and removing ticks and fleas.


Trimming the Coat


Pet grooming will involve shaving, clipping, or trimming the coat when necessary. Some dog breeds require more trimming than others. Depending on the breed, the groomer will use special scissors and clippers to remove all unwanted hairs.


Professional groomers have extensive knowledge about different dog breeds. Their attention to detail will help to ensure that your pet looks his very best. Moreover, this allows them to know how to deal with different types of coats.


Nail Trimming


Keeping your pet’s nails short will help to reduce the risk of injury and nail damage. Nail cracks and tears can be uncomfortable not just for your pet but for you as well. They can do a lot of damage to your skin and also to your furniture. Long nails are not just unsightly; they can also affect the animal’s posture and movement. They can make it difficult for the dog to run around with ease.


Pet Dental Hygiene


Pet grooming also includes cleaning the mouth. Brushing your pet’s teeth will help to prevent dental issues, including decay and infection. Pet groomers use toothpaste that is designed for dogs.


Regular pet teeth cleaning is something you should do at home daily. However, just as you go to the dentist for professional teeth cleaning, the same is important for your pet. A professional cleaning will ensure a more thorough cleaning. 


How often you take your pet to the groomer will depend on your specific requirements. Think about your pet and how active it is and its age. You also need to think about the weather or climate. Pet grooming will include inspecting the animal to look for anything that may indicate a health issue. When making an appointment, ask questions about the services provided.


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