What should I pack for dog boarding?

What should I pack for dog boarding?

What should I pack for dog boarding?

What should I pack for dog boarding?


Your long-awaited, hard-earned 10-day retreat is coming up, and you’re asking yourself ‘what should I pack for dog boarding,’ you say? Excellent! It’s great to hear that you are taking the time to make sure you provide your furry friend with everything they need while you’re away. With just a bit of advanced preparation, you can be sure to include all the important elements of a comfortable boarding stay. Let’s take a look at the essentials. You’re in good hands!

Pack Fido’s Food

This may seem obvious, but some people forget this all-important step. Many dogs are temperamental eaters with sensitive stomachs and only a couple of brands they will eat. Changing up this flow can cause appetite changes, stomach upset, and increased stress in an already stressful situation.

Make sure to pack enough food for the entire duration of their stay. Individually pack each meal in a container or baggie that is labeled ‘supper,’ ‘lunch,’ ‘breakfast,’ ‘treats,’ etc. These portions will be used as per your request. If the entire portion is not eaten (and they usually eat it all, eyeing for more), it shows that emotional stress is at play. This is usually temporary and will pass in short order. If not, boarding staff always do their best to keep your pet feeling comfortable and cared for during their stay.

Include Medications and Additional Supplements

Many pets take medications and supplements for various reasons. If your pet requires a daily dose of a particular product, please include this in your care bag. The boarding staff will make sure your pet is provided with the right dose at the right time. Make sure to provide detailed instructions for dosage amount, time of day, the frequency of dosage, and if taken with food, an appropriate amount of food for the specific needs.

Another point to note is that your dog may be triggered by the presence of other unfamiliar dogs and people. This excess stress can cause a flare up of pre-existing conditions. If you have emergency meds for these reasons, make sure to include them and all instructions for use in your care package.

Provide Favorite Creature Comforts

Your companion will miss you while you’re away. To help them feel safe and secure while they are staying at the boarding facility, include something that will remind them of you. Simple things like an old t-shirt or sock ball can be enough. It just has to be something with all the familiar smells of home. Even though they may be kept busy socializing and meeting new dogs, they will still miss you and appreciate having a piece of home with them.

Also, make sure to include one or two of their favorite toys. Most boarding facilities have plenty of things to keep dogs occupied and having fun. Even so, providing a favorite toy you know they just can’t live without will boost morale and help them cope with the new surroundings.

Include All Paperwork

If you haven’t already submitted all the forms, medical papers, and other required documents, make sure that they are at the ready. You will need to submit all required documents and sign off on any contracts before you can leave your pet at the boarder. Make sure to be clear on all the required items you need in advance before it’s already too late. Contact the boarder for anything you have questions about and get a full list of required items.

Include A Leash/Harness, Other Items

In most cases, you will have to provide at least one leash/harness of your own. It may be a good idea to pack two, just in case. Also, you know your furry friend better than anyone. If they have a special item they love to wag a tail at, a food or water bowl they can’t live without, or any other special things they need, pack them in the care bag. This can make all the difference in some dogs.

Final Thoughts

You’re all set! With the right food, meds, comforts, paperwork, and special items all in your care bag, you are ready to go. You can rest at ease knowing that your pet is in great hands and will be excited to see you on your return. If you have any more questions about what you should pack for dog boarding, reach out and ask us. We are always here to chat with you about any specifics you may be concerned about and answer all your questions!