Why an AAHA Accredited Hospital Is Important for Your Pet

Why an AAHA Accredited Hospital Is Important for Your Pet

Why an AAHA Accredited Hospital Is Important for Your Pet

Why an AAHA Accredited Hospital Is Important for Your Pet


AAHA stands for American Animal Hospital Association, which has been around since 1933. Its purpose is to establish a credible and respected accreditation program for veterinary hospitals in the country. AAHA is the gold standard of all vet hospitals in North America. If you want to transfer your pet to the care of an AAHA accredited vet hospital, here are the important reasons to consider.

Higher Protocols for Cleanliness

A contaminant-free environment is best to protect patients from infections. The same principle applies to veterinary medicine. If a veterinary hospital is AAHA accredited, you can be certain that the staff and veterinarians take cleanliness to a whole new level. When you and your pet enter an AAHA accredited vet hospital, the environment is always sterile and clean.

Exceptional Standards in Handling

AAHA accredited hospitals are the best in what they do especially in handling animals in a humane way. The staff and veterinarians only provide the safest, most comfortable care to their animal patients.

Safe Pain Management

All AAHA accredited hospitals follow optimal standards in pain management. Your pet will only receive the most effectual and safest treatments for any discomfort.

Steep Anesthetic Care Standards

According to the JAAHA (Journal of American Animal Hospital Association), the only way to ensure a successful anesthetic procedure is to put in place the strict guidelines set for anesthetic care. The team of an AAHA accredited hospital will check your pet from the beginning until the end of the surgery.

Required Continuing Education

The AAHA mandates that every member of an AAHA accredited animal hospital must-attend conferences and complete their courses. Required hours of educational advancement are crucial in keeping the staff and veterinarians armed with updated knowledge. The goal is to gain more knowledge in caring for your pet.

Higher Level of Dental Care

Many pet experts say that oral care is often an unnoticed aspect of pet healthcare. AAHA standards elevate dental care in accredited vet hospitals. Your pet will only receive optimal dental care in a hospital that follows AAHA protocols.

Screening and Disease Prevention

Prevention is one of the top priorities of the AAHA. In an accredited hospital, protocols are set to prevent illnesses. An example of such protocols is to install an enhanced ventilation system. This inhibits the spread of airborne pathogens. Your pet will always be safe in an AAHA accredited hospital if ever there’s a contagious pet admitted there as well. The AAHA standards also apply in the laboratory, vaccination, and diagnostic practices.

Your pet’s health and well-being are what matter most in AAHA accredited veterinary hospitals. Here at Port Royal Veterinary Hospital, we are always ready to provide optimal vet care to your pet. Our AAHA accreditation makes us one of the best veterinary facilities in the country because we provide quality pet care with heart. Please call us at 843-379-7387, for inquiries or appointment scheduling. You are always welcome to visit our hospital in Port Royal, South Carolina, for a walk-in consultation or treatment.