Why Grooming Is Important to Pet Health

Why Grooming Is Important to Pet Health

Why Grooming Is Important to Pet Health

Why Grooming Is Important to Pet Health


Most dog owners get their pets groomed regularly but may do so to keep them looking good. What most do not realize is that there are health benefits to grooming. It is beneficial whether you choose to do it yourself or get professional grooming. 


Grooming is vital not just for long-haired dogs but for all pets. Lack of grooming can affect your dog’s well-being. Here are reasons why grooming is essential to pet health.


Preventing Parasites 


Grooming is an effective way to get rid of fleas and ticks. Flea and tick infestation is one of the most important reasons to wash your dog regularly. It can help you spot pests and remove them safely. 


Knowing about the infestation should prompt you to take the next step to get treatment or preventive care. It is also a reason to get professional grooming. The experts have adequate training to detect and remove the pests.


Reduce or Prevent Discomfort


Lack of grooming can cause extreme discomfort for your pet. It’s why most dogs enjoy brushing. Using the right brush will give your pet a good massage while removing dead fur and preventing matting. Accumulation of grease can block skin pores, causing irritation and skin problems. 


Grooming helps stimulate new hair growth, and it increases natural oils on the pet’s skin. Removing dirt and debris that accumulates on the coat will keep the dog comfortable. It is vital for the dog’s overall health. 


Preventing Ear Infections


Dogs require regular cleaning of the ears to prevent ear mites and other illnesses. Parasites tend to inhabit the ears, causing extreme discomfort for animals. Look out for red and inflamed ears or an odor coming from the inner ear. 


If your dog is prone to ear infections, regular grooming is essential to keep them healthy. Your pet will feel more comfortable with clean ears. For effective cleaning, invest in a liquid ear cleaner designed for pets. 


Healthy Joints and Paws


Grooming should involve regular nail trimming. Long nails are not just unattractive; they are uncomfortable and can be a health hazard. They can affect the dog’s gait as they dig into the soft paw pads. 


Apart from being painful, long nails can cause deformities or lead to arthritis. Trimming your pet’s nails can be difficult, so you should consider using a professional groomer. Keeping your dog’s nails at the correct length will prevent long-term damage. 


Basic Physical Inspection 


Grooming presents an opportunity to carry out a physical examination. Checking for abnormalities on the dog’s skin is vital. A professional groomer will look for spots, bumps, and lumps that can signify a health problem. 


Early detection of skin changes is crucial for diagnosis and effective treatment. Grooming should include inspecting the skin underneath the fur, the ears, teeth, and toes. 


While at-home grooming is necessary, you should schedule regular professional grooming for your pet. It is especially the case for long-haired breeds. Professional groomers have the expertise and tools to ensure effective grooming. The groomers have the best products to suit your dog’s coat.


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