Why Regular Pet Dental Cleanings Are Important

Why Regular Pet Dental Cleanings Are Important

Why Regular Pet Dental Cleanings Are Important

Why Regular Pet Dental Cleanings Are Important


Your pets require regular oral care. Your pet’s teeth get dirty just the same as yours do. The canned and dry food that they feed on leaves fine particles in their mouth. It is recommended that you clean your pet’s teeth regularly, and you have regular oral exams for them. Most pets suffer from dental problems as a result of not cleaning their mouths. Here are the reasons why dental cleanings for your pet are important.

Risk of Periodontal Disease

Periodontal disease is inflammation and infection of the periodontium. These are the soft tissues that surround your pets’ teeth. Periodontal disease comes from the collection of plaque and bacteria in your pets’ mouth. Gingivitis is one of the most common diseases that affect cats and dogs. If left untreated, it causes teeth loss and mouth sores.

Loss of Appetite

When your pet has a healthy mouth, he gets a healthy appetite. Oral inflammation and discomfort can result in appetite loss for your pet. Some sensitive pets can refuse to feed due to problems in their oral cavity. Poor appetite results in other general health problems. Cleaning your pet’s teeth regularly gives them a healthy appetite.

Loss of Teeth

Plaque buildup in your pets’ mouth attracts harmful bacteria. They eat up the teeth and cause irreparable cavities. Your pet experiences broken teeth and even missing teeth. If your pet has missing teeth, they are unable to feed properly. This lowers the quality of life for your pet.

Poor General Health

Dental infections are dangerous for your pet. Plaque and tartar eat up the gum and create open pockets for harmful bacteria to colonize. The buildup leads to periodontal diseases. Harmful bacteria can enter the bloodstream and lead to serious health problems. Some pets get heart, lung, and kidney infections due to poor oral health.

Bad Breath

Pets eat weird things when you are not watching. If your dog likes to jump on you and lick you in the face, then you must make sure that his mouth is clean and smells good. Poor oral health for your pet can lead to halitosis. Cleaning their mouth is a sure way of making yourself happy too. Nobody enjoys a pet with a stinky mouth.

Expensive Bills

Prevention is always a better option than a cure. Cleaning your pets’ mouth regularly does not cost a lot. Don’t wait until there is a major issue such as periodontal disease. The more you wait, the bigger the bill. Regular dental cleanings save you from massive veterinary bills in the future.

It’s the Humane Thing to Do

Imagine how you would feel if you never brushed your teeth. Cleaning your pet’s teeth leaves them feeling fresh and happy. Some pets are hard to pin down for a good brushing session. The trick is to start them early. Start an oral care routine when they are babies, so that they can grow into the routine. You can consult with your veterinary services provider on the best routine to best serve your pet.

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